i. We Got Our Big Jump Thang 

- Heavy D and the Chemical Brothers - from 2006

ii. Ice Toto - African Colors (still a fave from 2005)

iii. fresh for 2010 - Bros v LA Style

BELOW:  i. RockShifter - from 2005

ii. SOON! ThunderDough - for Australia Day 2006

iii. SOON! HookDesGrilles - from 2007


 The third alterego to emerge from the Batcave into the mashup scene. Created October 2004, the name came from Marty's old hacking dayz - nuff said. But during the Booter Living Thru Chemashtry project, it became apparent that only one track remained untouched... and heck, Fkj and dissico had already joined in... TimeZup was reborn. More of a strict A + B formula, these mashups have found much better reception on dancefloors and radio shows around the world than could ever have been expected.

CLICK TO PLAY TRACKS ON LEFT below are OFFLINE but not for long...

Xmess with Borat and Sinatra

Purple Flashback (drugpush)

extended Time


Chuck Fkn Deeper - Jamiroquai vs Chuck D vs Semi Detached

Gay Killer Jaxx 
- Basement Jaxx vs Malente/Aston Shuffle vs Electric 6 - as debuted on TBC's Radio Clash #108 LIVE - then included in DJ Kitch's Mashed Hour (both pictured below)

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