it is time.... to Mind The Gap...... yes it is
mixed on CD Denons in 2002.... finally released to the Net

you are cordially invited to


with Dj Marty Batfreak (Sydneysider)

118mins in total - how would you like it?

Part One/Two in 96kps

Part Two/Two in 96kps

or perhaps

Part One/Four in 128kps

Part Two/Four in 128kps

Part Three/Four in 128kps

Part Four/Four in 128kps

:: playlist below ::

GORILLAZ Suzuki Method JAFFA Sneakin' SIOUXSIE Face To Face MOBY something GORILLAZ 19/2000 JAFFA Sneakin' SUGA BULLIT something LIGHTNING SEEDS You Showed Me (Wiseguys remix) GENERAL ELECTRIK something ART OF NOISE No Sun KRAFTWERK Expo 2000 APHEX TWIN something SOMEONE ELSE something SPACE RAIDERS something JAMES HARDAWAY Speak Easy RONNY JORDAN So What?

*yeah, I know, I should be shot for not naming everyone/everything - i'll be back*
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