TrolLOLD - fkj.mp3





ABOVE:  i. Black Summer Smoke (2010 - NEW!)

ii. You'll recognise this youtube hit, blitched by Fkj

iii. for Australia Day 2007 - feat. Rick James RIP

 iv. Bite The Snake - a twist on Duran Duran

v. Slipway (for the Pwodigy Remixed project)

vi. Marvin Gaye v Gnarls Barkely - from 2007

The first mashup alterego to emerge from the Batcave - irresponsible for bringing a new edge to glitch with boots: .......'blitching'



2 tracks on Strummer Remixed

- Strummed Donkey

- Trashed Apple

but momentarily OFFLINE NOW are:

Azzido Da Punk -  Daft Punk's Harder... vs Timo Maas rmx of Dooms Night

Games Like Sheep - mashed A Perfect Circle in 2004, for MutantPop's Videogame Challenge

Tar My Ninth Ho - fkj vs Janet Jackson

What Us Gonna Beat 

- Janet/Busta vs SuperDenseChild - pictured below

Effed Up Com - 

LFO + Fatboy Slim  et al - pictured below



Eminthesis   - Force Mass Motion vs Eminem
Sawn Off - for Son of Monster Mashup '06
Cum Fart With Him - fkj vs Michael Buble
Raiders of the Penis Joke - King Missile vs The Muppets vs John Williams
Chop Them Good - System of a Down vs House of 1000 Corpses
Drop Them Baums - fkj vs The Royal Tanenbaums
Check the Storey (vs beastie boys)
Slave, Angel or Criminal (Grace Jones vs Rob Dougan vs Michael Jackson)

OFFLINE but not forgotten

Inga Dag Vid 

(fkj vs Iron Butterfly)

Just Kill Me 

(i think this is kylie vs the funeral dirge)

Buffalo Science 

(Malcolm Mclaren vs Mirwais)

Batfreak Off the Leash (fkj vs Korn)

A Clockwork French 

(tres jazzy, must repost)

Yo yo Bang bang (fkj vs eric cartman)

Heat Tweeking Missile 

(for the Pwodigy Remixed project)

Open Sunjammer 

(for 9/11, Beastie Boys vs Mike Oldfield)

Boing Leader (Step Dragon vs Eric B)

Scared Aussie (fkj vs Scared Weird Guys)

Bring the Weakness 

(Moby vs Public Enemy)

Unlike a Feather (fkj vs Nikka Costa)

Poc That Diner 

(Missy Elliott vs Suzanne Vega)

You Gotta Shut Your Mouth 

(Figgkidd vs Garbage)

I Feel Fking Gaga (Queen vs Donna Summer)

Mr Nicuts (fkj vs Coldcut)

Brittle Litain (MARRS vs Little Britain)

Dreams Are Memories 

(i think its' Eno or Flood, vs theme from American Beauty)

Step Wish Bitch 

(Ludacris vs Skee-lo vs Itchee n Scratchee)

Mad Brits n RevSPECT 

(Madonna n Britney vs Mike Ink vs Daft Punk)

 Lull (Damn Headset remix)

Dead Derek n Clive Unalive

tETRIDiGiSHEEN - pictured left -

and for Australia Day '09 we will resurrect an awesome mashup of Paul Mac and AC/DC

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